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Один из самых сильных саундтреков в истории кино. На одной музыке висит больше половины успеха фильма. Теперь и в kick-ass.

# t was also featured in
# The last episode of season one of British television program Hex
# Peugeot 206 Advert[1]
# I Know Who Killed Me trailer[2]
# Death Sentence trailer
# Beowulf trailer
# Franklyn Trailer for the 2008 Film staring Ryan Phillippe,Eva Green and Sam Riley
# UKTV Gold advertisements for the first season of Prison Break in 2006.
# On the 16th of October, in a documentary/drama shown on ITV1, Britain's Largest Storm , the song is used near the end of the programme.
# Several Hollyoaks episodes aired on Channel 4 in the UK.
# The song was covered by progressive metal band Junesong Provision.
# The song was also covered by pop rock band Elliot Minor.
# Italian heavy metal band Eldritch covered this song as their first track off their Livequake album.
# The Rotted also covered the song.
# James May's Big Ideas, episode 1; used during the Harrier sequence.
# Used in short sequences on BBC 1's Strictly Come Dancing and Strictly Come Dancing - It Takes Two.
# Played while the meat is being shared around during the cannibal party scene in the film Doomsday
# The track is also used in a trailer for an ITV4 programme called Emergency Heroes.
# The track is also used in CSI: Miami, season six episode five titled "Deep Freeze".
# The track was used in The Apprentice: The Final Five, as a backing track. Also "No More Films" was used as a backing track in this programme.
# The track was used in the VT for Katie Price in I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here! UK 2009.
# The track is used in the cult YouTube short Ataque de Pánico! (Panic Attack!) directed by Fede Alvarez.
# The track was used in the adverts for the 2009 RSC production of Hamlet on the BBC.
# An original pastiche of the track, created by composer Murray Gold, formed some of the incidental music of the Doctor Who episode "Doomsday".
# The track was also used in EastEnders: The Greatest Cliffhangers.
# The track was also used in a VT for Dancing on Ice.
# The track was also used in one of the trailers for the game Metro 2033.
# The track was used in the warehouse scene of Kick-Ass.
# The track was also used in several episodes of the Israeli sitcom Asfur.
# The track was also covered in the final scene of episode 10 of Spartacus: Blood and Sand.


Мысли порождают Ересь; Ересь порождает Наказание.


Как ни странно.